Happy New Year!

Whats your bike plans for '05? My FE is hibernating in a vac bag in my garage until the Spring, want to drop the front forks this year and sort the paintwork out on them, and hopefully get a standard set of exhausts on.

Our usual round trip of Scotland will hopefully take place in May.

Need to get vf1000.com kick started again so any ideas would be appreciated!


Hi Peter,
happy new year to you, my FF is also hibernating in the garden shed awaiting some descent weather, i’ve got myself an optimate because i’m cheesed off with always having to charge the battery after storage through the winter, regarding your front forks, mine were shotblasted and stoved on the restoration and they look good, make sure you get all the shot out before assembly though, i’m currently restoring another FF for a mate, we got the standard exhausts shot blasted and then baked on some satin bbq paint (It looks very similar to original)
i’m well chuffed at the moment because I got my bike in the Show Us Yours section of the current issue of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics[:D]

roll on the sunshine
Dave G

Nice one dave, hope I’m not too late to catch that edition of motorcycle mechanics - will have to take a look.


PAJ - You Vac Bag - where’d you get it from?


The mighty eBay of course!! It’s basically a large poly bag with a seperate bag of silica gel for absorbing damp. Wrap yr vf1K in it, attach vaccum cleaner and suck out the air. Tie the end up with wraps et voila, a nice dry - airless envirnonment for that rare hibernating vf1k.