troublesome trumpets

for anyone who has had the dubious pleasure of stripping and rebuilding the vf carbs knows just what a fiddly job they can be, especialy when the trumpets have shrunk away, last year when i rebuilt the ff/fe carbs i placed the trumpets in boiling water for about 5 mins then threaded them onto a piece of 50mm steel tube, left them for a few days and they reset them selves to the size of the tube,
on opening the ff/fe carbs today the trumpets show no signs of trying to shrink away from there seating,

Top tip Pete,I did use the boiling water method but stretched by hand until they fitted.
This is a superior method for sure
Regards Bif

Ditto Biffs remarks. You’ve got more patience than we have Pete. Waiting 2 days is a lifetime when you’re itching to get the job done.

You can resoften most of those inlet rubber type parts using methyl salicylate or “winter green”. It isn’t permanent but lasts longer than heat.