Two 4 into 1 systems for sale

Both are in pretty good condition, one is a Laser, the other actually I think the nicer one is unidentified ( maybe Neta ? ).
I’ve not had either on a running bike so must really be sold as seen.

We have a laser system earmarked for project R but would be very interested in the other system.Any chance of a photo and a price to my Email BIF

I’ll work on the pic BIF, but it’s still on the FE at the mo and don’t know when I can get it off.Bear with me .
You should know that it’s had a knock underneath ( from a kerb ? )so one of the downpipes is dented, not a huge prob I would have thought but maybe enough to put you off ?

I would be interested in one as Biff said lets see a pic or two. My collector is failing and this may be a good option.

Just picked up a 4 into 1 here for 50 yoyos with a laser can, haven’t opened the box yet to check it out but at that price had to have it as a backup for my FE. Bif has already worked his magic on my existing system.

Do the carbs need rejetting for these 4 into 1s, i expect the NETA won’t as they usually install like stock.

OK all, next step is obviously to get some pics done and posted. Hopefully next w/e.

You any further forward with some pictures?Regards BIF

kfrogzx7 definitely interested in a system - at the right price MOT due next month and the collector is not getting less rusty :wink:

Do you still have a 4-in-1 for sale?
Thanks, Olivier

Yep still interested here too the collector is now shot on mine so its either blue peter time or get something else.

Ok all, big apologies for my absence but I’ve really got very dodgey internet these days.
Both systems are still available, one is still on a future possible project bike so is very difficult to photograph and the other I will do this weekend.
As posting the pics is difficult perhaps anyone could email me and I’ll send that way.
Don’t really feel the pics will be that informative, so if anybody is close and wants to take a look and buy you’d be welcome ( might have to help whip set off project bike ! ).
I’ve got lots of other bits available so please enquire.( 2 sets Wheels/tyres on seperate post currently )
Email ;

Have sent you an email, I can post the pics here for you if you email them back to me.

Sorry all, I’m still getting enquiries about the exhausts and should have updated the posting sooner !
Both sets now sold.