Two VF’s for sale in separate deals ...

I’m afraid I’m forced into a drastic cut back on my VF “collection” ;-(

Firstly a grey ‘85 FE, with 38k miles on the clock, sold as a spares or repair project.V5 Present.
Bought 4 or 5 yrs ago as a barn find it was as far as could tell complete and back then would start … just. However, even back then she ran very rough and was almost constantly missing, I reckoned then a new set of plugs and a carb clean with fresh petrol would probably sort.
Now she won’t fire at all so I emphasise I’m selling “as seen” as a project.
Now the good bit is that, included with the complete bike is as many spares as you could wish for or carry away - I’ve got almost literally two more dismantled VF’s included with the bike.
So I’m 100% confident that at least one good running bike can be put together.
There’s a frame and engine ( V5 Present, 54K miles ), it’s an FE that was imported and registered in the UK in 1998, I can garruantee that it was a healthy runner when I took it off the road, in fact it was my first VF that I used for several years and it induced the ongoing love affair with the model !!
Also an almost complete FF engine ( memory tells me one rocker/ rocker cover missing and black frame ( V5 Present, unknown milage ).
Boxes and shelves laden down with all the rest of both bikes, incl two sound ( 1 in vgc ) exhaust collector boxes/ silencers, a complete 4 into 1 system ( Remus ? ) gc seats, many whls/tyres, fuel tanks, brake clipers/discs and assorted bodywork - also keys for relevant locks / ignitions !!
Pick of Honda or Clymer Workshop manuals

Will try to upload pics later.
Viewing welcome nr Ipswich, questions 0777 364 17 86 or PM.
Offers for job lot.

Secondly my red T&T vgc on the road VF.
It’s a VF1000FF frame and engine ( ‘86 , 65k miles ) with FE red bodywork ( I prefer the looks of the handsome old models ).
MOT till April.
Everything works and is ready to go ( service record / receipts ) and she’s a well sorted bike.
Starts, runs and pulls strongly with no rattles or smoke.
Collector box and silencers are vgc. Tyres are Roadriders and have a lot of wear left, C&S are fine and with a Scotoiler fitted will last thousands more miles, new gel battery last year, manual electric fan, rack with my own fitted and lockable ammo box panniers ( easy to un bolt if not your thing ).
Some spares probably available depending on above.
Pick of Honda or Clymer manuals.
Offers invited.
As above, pics to follow ( hopefully ? ) viewing / enquiries welcome.

The grey FE and parts have sold now.
The on the road red FE / FF is available, I’d take £600 ?
If not it’s ebay for her.

Hi Simon thanks for all the wonderous vf parts especially the laser 4 into 1 system and the micron 4 into 1 and the 4 into 2 system is also very good, I have also got the grey vf up and running changed the carbs and oil flushed the fuel system and it fired up sounds ok so will fully service it and mot the bike and use that one while I get my other one done and if anyone is looking for a well sorted vf then the other one for sale is a bargain it will get you on the road for £500 and as been well maintained the spares Simon had were astronomical I filled a transit to the roof with them and he certainly knows is stuff and his vf although not cosmeticly perfect is well maintained and worth every penny of what he is asking if I had more spare cash I would have it. Thanks Simon for your hospitality and I hope your change to bmw is safe and fruitful
regards Paul

Glad you’re pleased with it all Paul. Should keep you busy for … Oh, I don’t know… forever probably !!
The ZX7 sold today so the garage is echoing and I’m beginning to come to terms with being an old beemer fogey !!