two vf's in scarborough

Had a good run out on the vf today, first stop at Seaways biker café at Fridaythorpe near Driffield, then upto Thornwick Bay near Flamborough head for more tea and refreshments before heading up the coast to Scarborough for fish and chips by the sea front… Finally headed home via the A64 “road to hell” , called in at Squires for more sustenance … The trip meter went exactly 200miles and unbelievably the vf did 49mpg.
All in all a good day out , other than a few showers the sun shone all day.

I recognise those two machines - very noisy I recall ( at 9.00 in the morning !)

Looks and reads like a lovely jaunt chaps. I was changing the fork seal on mine and contemplating whether to dig among the gear box sprocket to investigate an oil leak.

Pip Pip

thanks martin…thinking of heading out somewhere either this weekend or next depending on the weather… always fancied going to tan hill, the highest pub in England but not sure what the roads are like when you get close to the pub. Some of my mates who used to be called mods, but now like to be called scooter-ists used to go there regular but i think the last time they went was after a bad winter and the road had disintigrated…
Or maybe ill head down country i little… who knows i could end up anywhere.

Thats the spirit