Had my new Avons fitted today - Supervenom Fronrt, Azzaro rear as recommended on the Avon site…

Thing that has now confused me is the Azarro is a Radial - the Supervenom Cross Ply…

I knoww this is legal - but does any manufacturer do a 100/90 V-18 in a Radial?

What are you guys running and what’s been your experience?

Discuss! [:p]

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Y’know… I was out & about on my FE at the weekend - Mercury MCC Tam O Shanter Rally (Man! Can we throw a party…![xx(])

The old girl attracted a fair amount of interest (there were a fair few rally-goers present who were younger than the bike…!) and some folk were quite scathing about availability of the 120/80 16 front tyre… It’s not needing replacement just now as I fitted a pair of Azaro’s last year AV27 Front (Ebay NOS - £32) and AV46 rear (£65). The bike handles like it’s on rails…

After speaking to these guys, I checked out availability of F2 front wheels (18")… There are a few about, mostly in Germany… Then I checked out tyre availability and found just what you have… There’s not a great choice with Radials… If any… Here are the hits I got from a reputable supplier using the 100/90 18 size criteria… (I think the only Radial is the MAC 50…?)

Avon Roadrider AM26 (56V) Universal 100/90 R18 V £49.43
Continental TKV11 (56V) Front 100/90 R18 V £53.98
Avon Super Venom AM20 (56V) Front 100/90 R18 V £54.25
Bridgestone BT45 56V TL (F) 100/90 R18 V £57.90
METZELER LASERTEC 56V(F) 100/90 R18 V £57.90
Pirelli SPORT DEMON 56V TL(F 100/90 R18 V £60.54
Michelin MAC50 56V TL (F 100/90 R18 V £77.64

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Hi Iain,
Bridgestone 020s 110/80 front with a 150/70 rear have worked well for me.No clearance problems grip for ever with good mileage too.Standard tyre pressure also gave the best results.
Hope to see you at Kelso tho not sure what I will be riding yet.
Regards BIF