Tyres for VF1000FE

Hi, folks. I’ve just bought a UK spec 1984 VF1000FE, and it’s got really odd mismatched tyres on, which i think accounts for (some) of it’s unpleasant handling. Metzeler on the back, Continental on the front, i think. Feels like it wants to fall over every time it hits a bend. Can anyone recommend tyres that have worked for them?

my bike did that until I pumped up the tires to 36 front 42 rear

I have a bridgestone on the front and a parrelli on the rear and its happy round corners like a cbr but its a heavy bike so bare this in mind

i have a continental road attack on the rear and a michelin macadam on the front, you will find that tyre choice for the FE is getting very limited,the 16 inch front and even the 140/150 section rear tyre sizes seam to be out of favor with the big tyre manufacturers.

gererally front tyre ware can cause the bike to feel like its falling over in corners, especially slow ones… dont know wether its down to dual compounds or tread patterns but a lot of front tyres seam to ware to a point these days,


the tyres are in good condition, so wear doesn’t seem to be the issue. thanks for the feedback guys. keep it shiny side up.

setting up the air and rebound in the front helps a lot and check there’s oil in the rear showa unit.
I injected atf in to my unit and it really improved the rear end,just 10cc of oil.
[:)]but winters here now so its tucked up in the garage with it quilts

Tyre choice is a very personal thing.I have never felt confident on metzler or continental tyres finding bridgestone and michelin have a rounder profile which suits me/my bike well.The new pilot activ is available in 120/80-16 and 140/80-17 as are BT45.No confidence in my tyres and I ride like a fanny BIF

hi, i have Pirelli sport demon on my 86 fe and it seems to handle well on these.

Just came on to ask for any tyre advice and spotted this thread. I find that the BT45’s I have been wearing for the last two years are excellent for handling in the dry and very capable when I have been caught out in the wet, pressures 36 and 42, but bad on wear rate, the rear is due before spring and MOT time, 3800 miles. I was thinking of fitting a pilot activ but was unsure, going to ask at Leeds tyres when I go for new one. Am also going to try a higher pressure in rear shock as I am a big fella and keep grounding out collector box, have had it at 20psi but am going to raise that to 35 and see how I go.

tha air pressure in the front forks is at 6psi and 42 in the rear The bike feele like a plank on the road and suspensionat the rear seems just no rebound just totally firm …having said that is always passed its MOT with no problems

My rear showa damper was not damping and because of its age thought it has lost some fluid so I got an appropriate sized syringe and removed the air valve from the air link hose and squirted in only 10cc to try and see if it made any difference and it worked because now it damps properly.