Tyres for vf1000r

Hi Everyone,

What tyres are best for the vf1000r nowadays?
Good all round tyre with good wear characteristics…
Mine has standard wheels on it…


Michelin pilot active,fantastic grip wet or dry but you may not like the wear rate

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Ok Biff thanks… :+1:

Installed some Conti-Go! on one of my 1000R. Like em!

Be careful to avoid tyres that are manufactured using the low sulphur vulcanising process. They’re bad news on anything even remotely sporty.

To that end, I’d be looking at Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, Metzeler or Conti; my personal preference would be for Michelins.

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Ok cheers Captain_80s…

Ok cheers ChrisB …

I had BT-45 long time ago. The newer BT-46 should also be good. I will use them on the VFR (NC24) with the next change.