UK 1000R NOW up for sale.

Hi guys,
It is with great sadness I am writing this. Changes in life and other health issues are meaning that I am going to have to part with my babies. First to go will be my very original 1984 1000RE. This is a genuine UK model, all original including exhausts. Done 25000 miles. This is not a show bike for locking away (although could easily be if wanted >:(), this bike is a rider. It is not pristine but a very good clean example.
I am writing on here to gauge interest and to give genuine lovers of these bikes the opportunity before listing it on Ebay etc. I took the bike off the road because the exhaust collector was blowing. I have fitted a like brand new replacement and given a service with irridium plugs, new filters, battery, tyres etc. Health problems paused the work but I am now finishing assembling it. Fired her up yesterday, was great to hear that beautiful V4 sound again!
The bike has spent the last 6 or 7 years over here in sunny Spain but is not expensive to have shipped back to the UK or somebody could come over and ride it back if they wanted!!! Great journey and I’ll treat you to a San Miguel!!
First question people are going to be asking I am sure, is How much? I am looking to get £5000 which I think is a fair price.
I will take some photos next week so if anyone is seriously interested please let me know and I can mail them to you. I will try and add them to this post also if possible.

OK, all complete again now!
After doing some research possibly my guess at a price was a little high. If anybody is interested please contact me with sensible offers.
More pics and information available by email if required. (
I should also add as I was not very clear before, although this bike is here in Spain with me it is still UK registered. This is a genuine UK purchased bike and apart from Goodridge brake hoses is totally original and in very good condition.

Don´t know why the pictures are all upside down, they are not like that on my PC!!
Forgot to add, if anybody is interested in purchasing the bike, I also have a quote from Chas Mortimer to ship the bike from Spain to UK for 540GBP fully insured. These are professionals at moving motorcycles.

Trying this as I think reason the pics were upside down was they were too large :-[ :-[

More pics

What, nobody interested in buying a genuine example of this beautiful classic! I can’t believe it, not one offer. Not even a ridiculous one!!
Guess I’ll have to try fleabay.

I’m thinking, I’m thinking …

OK. It is now listed on Ebay. Dissappointed that I had to do that as now there is a possibility of a purchaser just out to make a buck and not a genuine enthusiast. :frowning: