Under my Collector box is two nuts welded into the box ?

Is there a sheild Underneath ment to be attched to protect the box from the weather

interested why its missing and what shape it shoud be

Hi Windy,what you see is the end of two pipes which go through the collector and are welded top and bottom of the box.
Regards Bif

makes sense

cant seem to post picture on the site but it worked the other night very strange
turns out the picturs were too big so picked a big thumbnail and it works 8)

Question then begs, why are those two pipes there? I have a leak from the weld on one of the pipes and was just considering replacing it. Are they a structural item to keep the collector shape?

Hi Rob,they do look to be structural,holding the centre of the box that is constructed from two pressings and joined by a single seam.
If you have a leak at the weld,a large repair washer and some careful welding should do the trick.
The metal will have thinned around the crack and simply rewelding over it usually ends up making it into a hole.
This may be due to my ineptitude,I do know people who look to be able to weld rust,I’m not one of them.
Regards Bif

Cheers Bif. I was thinking of cutting replacing the tube in toto but the washer idea sounds like a great option. I’m not a great rust welder either. I think it will be a bit like stitching car panel: tack by tack.