Undiscovered NOS parts

In the process of searching for decals to complete the paintwork on a project,I had the good fortune to find Bernie and Paula Koppe.
They established Sunrise Honda in Oz 44 years ago.
On selling the business 5 years ago they found the buyers did not want any spares for models over 2 years old.So they have a container full of nos parts.
Paula has dispatched the two decals for my fairing at below list price and takes payment by PayPal.
Stuck for an obscure part?Try Paula by Email pjkoppe@gmail.com
Best regards Bif


I’ve had an email from Paula saying there has been a lot of enquiries and has suggested that I post a list of available part numbers.
I have requested all MB2 MB4 MB6 and MJ4 parts.
I will post them up as soon as they arrive
Regards Bif

On the issue of decals. I couldn’t find the correct set for my '85 FF (Red and Silver). In the end I went to a local auto graphics company and I was able to get the to produce the following at a very small cost:-
The tail cowl stripes (u shaped)
The V-FOUR logos for the chin scoop in black
The VF1000F logos in Red
The rear cowl HONDA logo above the tail light in red
Plus all of the pin-striping for the fairing and petrol tank

The body work has / is being resprayed in silver and red (near match).

In know that compared to other VF models the FF has much simpler graphics so they would cost a bit more to do I guess. All in all though, its looking very good and the graphics cost just under £50.

Dave L

Here’s a link to what’s available from them. I checked a few against Ron Ayers Honda fiche and they were all unavailable in the US.

VF Parts List