Universal V4 Collector Box

I’ve been working on a concept for some time now. A universal collector box to fit all of the V4 VF Variants.

This will not be particularly cheap, but it’ll be all aluminium and stainless, and therefore corrosion proof to a great degree.

I’ve put quite a lot of research into this. All outlets will be 45mm, which is the maximum size outlet on any of the VF range collector boxes and will be sleeved down with reducers, or in the case of the exhaust outlets on the side, Polylock T304 pipe to the silencers. I can also extend out with T304 stainless polylock to the exhaust ports on the engine, giving a completely corrosion free system throughout.

This is the initial Mk1 version. Mk2 will be forthcoming, but all outlets will be welded on once i get the hang of TIG Aluminium welding.

Comments would be appreciated please.


Great idea, that looks good.
Do you have any pics of the box fitted?

How does it sound?

What are you talking about roughly, for limited runs?

None yet, this is at first build prototype stage. I just wanted you all to know i am doing something about this problem, as collector boxes are rare as hens teeth these days, and to prove it’s more than just an idea that will never come to fruition.

I’m going to revise the design slightly (welded rather than bolted) and keep putting pics up as it changes. Once i’m satisfied with the build quality i’ll put one on my Bol D’Or for a couple of months and report back. I can’t see or anticipate any problems due to construction, everything is 2mm Aluminium, and if further protection is required i can also paint the boxes themselves, to give a bit more protection.

It’ll also give me an opportunity to take a stab at the downpipes as well.

Costs will likely be above £200, depending on what it costs to get the collector to exhaust T304 polypipes fabbed up.

Obviously I have to account for my time, tooling, and costs for prototypes as you’d expect.

But, end result is we should have a collector box that should fit any V4 with the correct exhaust exit kit, last a good while, and be a stock item from myself.


Very interesting as it is versatile unlike the original items that are different and do not fit from one model to the other!

I’d be interested to see how it all goes.

Detailed accounts of your exploits please, lots of pictures and is it done yet? :wink:

Don’t you need to tune the lengths to get the correct flow characteristics or it that the least of your worries? I attach a picture of a VF500 box cut open.

Thanks for pointing that out, i do have a solution for that, i’ll use a bigger box and extend the rear pipes into it.
A friend of mine does gas flow modelling, so he said he’d be happy to find a solution that will enable decent balance, regardless of capacity/length.

Ok, Mk2 will show its face shortly, after parts and tools arrive.