Upgrade parts VF1000F

Hi guys, new here due to an ambitious project. I’m looking to upgrade my 1987 VF1000F which has already received some work before I bought it (so for the purists; I’m not destroying a mint original bike, haha).

The idea is to upgrade the bike with some modern parts like swingarm, front forks, brakes, wheels, and suspension.

Now, with limited time available I am looking to gather as much information from behind my desk so I can already get some parts in before first having to take the bike apart and measure it before I can look for parts, wait for them, and put them in (I’m sure a few of you know why).

I’ve learned that a CBR600RR swingarm from earlier models slides right in (correct me if I’m wrong) and I was wondering if anyone knows options that are equally accepted at the front. I believe the VTR1000SP(1) forks fit, but I wondered if anyone would be able to tell me the measurements (primarily length and diameter of the stem and its bearings).

I hope I’m not over-asking; just trying to create a smooth(er) sailing project that I can progress on in the midst of raising a newborn and having a dayjob.

Thanks a lot for all your help!



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Hi F and welcome.

I too bought an '87 VF1000 with a few mods.
Mine had the original wheels but Wilbers fork internals, fork brace, braided lines, a Wilbers custom rear shock and a single seat unit. It also has the 1000R under tray to accommodate 1000R tail lights in the FF bodywork.

I have added 17" wheels and a radial master cylinder, and just last weekend, when fitting a new set of chain and sprockets, went for a 16t front sprocket.

I’m very happy with the results overall.

As far as you modes go, I believe the Sp1 front end is some 25mm short, so either serious step down triple clamp has to be used, or you swap out the stanchions from something longer, which in USD forks is no trifling matter. There is a US guy has done this and there’s a detailed thread over on https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/ about it. I have heard that FZR1000 RU front ends work better. However, you would be talking about a revalve to get them to work well with the heft of a VF.

As regards the 600RR swinger, I’ve not heard of it as a straight drop in before, though I have seen it done.

I’m sure this search: https://www.google.com/search?q=VF1000F+fork+conversion&client=firefox-b-d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwitrP6a68LiAhVFThUIHdUJAaIQ_AUIDigB&biw=1680&bih=936#imgdii=YvpxbfuYIiDLLM:&imgrc=5xiw9bjJBPPq1M:
Will have shown you some inspiration.

All the best,


Thanks a lot, I’ll keep on googling and I’ll check your links as well. It looks like I’ll be taking it apart to take measurements after all to get the best solution. A little desk research never hurts though.

Thanks again!



Hi F,swing arm not as straight forward as it looks,it would require a radical rethink of the rear exhaust pipes.Anywhoo,this whole bike was built around the alloy swing arm it has as standard,it will also take up to a 180/55 tyre with some minor mods to a brake anchor point.
Regards Bif

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I agree with bif, probably the best mod for your vf1000f would be to fit the vf1000r swing arm, use either the R or fe linkage, you will shorten the wheel base by about an inch and if you use ff shock this will raise the back end, cbr600f wheel, or early blade, bit of work to do on the caliper mount and it’s good to go…
P.s I bought a cbr600rr swing arm some years ago with a view to fitting it, I know a few people have done it but, from memory ,to center the arm in the frame you needed to remove about 20mm from the right hand lug, there were also issues getting the chain past the bracing, and the exhaust routing was problematic, to me it just didn’t look right and potentially unsafe…

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