Uprating the Brakes

Thanks Bif!
I’ll look up discs now and harvest a set of these, assume it doesn’t matter what discs you use provided they are for theirs bikes - I mean OEM, Brembo or ENC etc… just model specific is same bolt pattern?
I’ll also look at VTR master cylinder too, thanks.
Could you send me a message with details of where to pay for the mounts, noted on the mods needs to make them fit. Thanks!

I will pm the details once I have a set for you,

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Perfect, thanks!

Any update on this Bif,
I’ve picked up my 310mm EBC discs and CBR600 F4 calipers so I’m pretty much all set to have the conversion started pending adapters. Any chance they could be organised soon?

The final details that we weren’t happy with have been sorted and a prototype tested,the machine shop has all they need and will fit them into their production schedule this month.Two other forum members who helped to fund the pre production work are also waiting on theirs,so I am as keen as anyone to get the first batch.
I will contact everyone as soon as I have them


The latest batch have arrived,PM sent to Roots and Viffer

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After discussing the possibility of keeping the R wheel but changing the hub to suit available 310mm discs for the brake conversion,Gary and I decided to prove the concept.
First job was to strip the R wheel,VFPete kindly loaned the tools required which I promptly broke

The bolts aren’t tight particularly at around 18lb/ft but loads of heat is required to soften the thread lock used.
A local firm made replacement tools for me,this time going for a tough steel rather than the hard impact socket of the original to allow a bit more bounce without snapping and we were back in action.

The remaining bolts came out without any problems then it was on to stripping the F wheel that was donating the hub.
The centre bolt came undone easily enough using a couple of full hex 11mm sockets then I simply cut the spokes to free the hub.
The R hub is counterbored,the F hub isn’t

So a bit of work was needed to centre the holes for drilling.
I used a tapered punch in the chuck of my pillar drill to do this,a bit laborious but you need these spot on.The counterbore is 10mm diameter by 5mm deep.

A couple of the holes needed dressing slightly for an easy fit but then it was on to reassembly

Next job was to check the radial and axial runout,the service limit is 2mm for both,we ended up with 0.8 radial and 0.6 axial so pleased with that.
For anyone wanting to retain the 16” R wheel but fit the brake upgrade this is a cost effective option that is relatively easy to do once you have the correct tooling.

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Hello BIF,
is there still a set available?
Best regards

There is a set available,I have sent you a PM,
Best regards Bif