Uprating the Brakes

The best part of two years ago the idea was floated of fabricating brackets to mount fire blade 4 pot calipers using the existing mounting points on the VF forks.
The brief was passed to an engineering company that came highly recommended.
Finally after months of chasing we have the finished items

The pictures show them fitted to FF forks holding a 16 inch front wheel,disc diameter is 310mm
Four sets have been produced and have already been spoken for.
Anyone who is interested in a set of these can contact me here on the forum


Looking good bif, is there a set for me?

Very impressive. Big fan of this.

Top work bif… been a long time coming :+1:

Of course mate,I’ve sent a pm with the details

Can’t wait to get these on, cheers Bif!


hi bif, will that disc fit the RE wheel? i did some rough measurements and the spec on the ebc site is smaller than my measurements.

EBC spec:
Outer Diameter (mm) 310
Inner Diameter (mm) 144
Bolt Hole Circumference (mm)166
Bolt Hole Quantity 6
Bolt Hole Size (mm)10.5
Thickness (mm)5
Minimum Thickness (mm)4.5
Bolt Hole Type Counterbored

my measurements
inner diameter 154mm
bolt hole cercumference 174mm

i did only use a tape measure so won’t be accurate but 10mm difference is a lot.


No Gary,I forgot you are using a standard R wheel.These discs will only fit the F wheels or cbr600f2.

Oh thats a shame, I was hoping to use these on the RG. Are there any other discs that will fit this one?

Menani produce disc kits to fit to your own carrier.
Apart from having some carriers made to suit the R wheels and fitting rotors from the likes of Menani or contacting ABE who make discs I can’t think of any other discs that will suit

OK thanks for that, back to plan A install on the FF!

After a bit of careful measuring it looks like the centre hubs on both the R and F models are the same.The tooling is available to strip the R wheel although the donor F wheel would be scrap.
I still think having some carriers made would be a better route.
Out of interest I will supply the guy who made the brackets with some samples to get a ballpark figure on costs


I’m not too bothered at the moment, I decided to treat the RG to your Stainless sleeves and pistons, topped off with a new set of DP pads and DOT5.1. Very impressed with the results. This week i’ll do the FireBlade upgrade on the FF :+1: :+1: :+1:

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A heads up to anyone fitting the brackets,the bush on the antidive has to be fitted as per the photos

If yours is facing the other way,put a screwdriver through it and spin it 180 degrees

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The finished job

The braking has been significantly improved to say the least.


Wow, looks awesome!

Top work bif :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Hi Bif,

I would be very interested in set of these adapters for my VF1000R. I am changing across to CBR wheels very soon and would also like to go with CBR front calipers too, I assume these adapters are for 929 or 954 calipers (using the VF Master cylinder or also CBR?)

Please let me know what calipers I should track down and let me know how I go ahead and order a set of these.


Either of the later model calipers will fit the adapters,as well as cbr600f4 ones.
The standard master works fine,I’ve gone for a firestorm 14mm on my R.
The adapters fit a 310mm disc
Triumph Tiger 955 99-04
or Bonneville 00-04 suit.
Another batch of adapters are due for production,subject to some modifications being approved first.
The CBR wheel requires 2mm to be skimmed off both disc mounts.
The adapters are £220 for the pair

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