I’ve only just this minute found this site and it’s excellent.

I bought my FF brand spanking new in '87, used it for fun over the next 5 years including a few trips to the South of France. Kid then came along & I intended to sell it (bike not kid!)but never got around to it - from then on I used it very occasionally & at the moment it’s standing in my garage having done just 11k ( eleven thousand miles!)and remains almost perfectly preserved. I make sure it has a good regular run blah blah blah to keep everything in good working order and it’s covered in a good layer of wax each year to keep the paint, plastic & metalwork in good condition.

My main ride is a Harley now & while the VF has enormous sentimental value, it’s getting really difficult to justify holding on to it. Trouble is, I moved to Guernsey 6 years ago & with just 60000 people living here there’s no enthusiasts who’d be interested in buying it.

My question is therefore, what sort of price could I expect to sell it for privately? - I’d be happy to ride it back over to the uk. Just a rough guide will do - if it’s only worth a couple of bob then I’ll keep hold of it but if it’s worth a good few bob then I may re-consider.

Any help or advice will be appreciated.


Your one owner from new FF sounds like it’s in great condition - you should take some pics for the site.

Unfortunately we’ve seen prices of the VF1000 dropping in the last 12 to 18 months with some models selling on ebay for half the amount they were getting in 2003 so I wouldn’t recommend ebay as a good place to sell the FF at the moment. Unless you are desperate for the cash, my advice would be to hang on to it for a few years more hopefully the VF will be recognised as a true classic and with numbers in the UK dwindling mint condition models like yours will become much more valuable.


Thanks for that. To be honest I’d really be reluctant to sell it & my thoughts over the past few years have been to hang onto it in the hope it becomes a classic as you suggest.

I will sort some pics out soon, it’s covered in wax at the moment so it’s a bit dull. I’m about to give it a clean,lube and polish though so I’ll post some pictures then.

What wax do you use to protect it? I put mine in a vac bag last year over the winter with one of those bags that removes moisture in it.

Looking forward to the pix.

Steve - keep it - you know it makes sense! [8D]