Valve clearances?

Hi, does anyone know how to set the valve clearances?

Just got my VF started after rebuilding and after the timing issues I had I don’t know if I believe the clymer or Honda manual.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

hi cmurray6,

is your bike an Fe or an FF, as they both have different setting procedures.

Hi, sorry I should have mentioned what it was!

It’s a 1987 FF thanks.


the ff clearances are the easiest to set, do one cam at a time,

  1. turn the alternator anti-clockwise until one end of one cam is pressing its rocker down as far as it will go
  2. then set the other end of the cam
    3)then turn the alternator anti- clockwise until the end that you have just set is pressing its rocker fully down
    and set the opposite end
  3. then move onto the next cam and repeat…

Basically the one which you are setting, its cam lobe should be facing directly away from the rocker at about 90 degrees… inlet and exhaust clearance is .14mm