Valve cover gasket

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probably anybody out there can help me.

I´ve found oil leaking out of the valve cover gasket of the front cylinders of my SC16 (f). It was quite a bit and since I have nothing else to do, i´ve decided to take the cover off, check the valve clearances and renew the gasket…easier said than done, it seems as if they are not available anymore. I need the one with semicircular mouldings for the 85 model. Any idea where I can get these?

The oil leaks between the cylinder head and the gasket, the surface of the head is clean, so there was no extra sealant applied. The gasket itself looks quite good, the question is if you would recommend to apply sealant between the gasket and the surface of the head.

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Joe (who intended to write that in the “In the shed” category…)

I purchased complete gasket sets off ebay and they were fine.

Hello Bulldog,

yes, I´ve seen these as well but they don´t seem to have these mouldings, the ones which are offered are more or less flat. If I don´t find the correct ones, I´ll have to use the old one again…
The manual says:

but would you recommend to apply sealant as well between the gasket and the head? e

Hi joe,
Getting hold of these gaskets is quite hard, if yours look ok but just dont seal well try putting a washer between the valve cover stud and the chrome washer, this will allow you to tighten the covers down a bit more, I would only ever put a thin smear of gasket seal on the half moon inserts and the joint between gasket and valve cover…20210207_114949

Or ouch !!!


Here’s one a bit cheaper for you

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Hi Pete, thanks for having an eye on that! Someone was quicker…I have reinstalled the old one, and up to now it looks as if it doesn´t leak anymore.
Sooner or later I will find one,…hopefully.

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