Valve grinding

Hi all, I’m a new owner from Italy. I’m restoring a VF1000 engine, which was burning an impressive amount of oil (like 1Kg for 1000km). Disassembling the first head I’v lost the Valve-seat reference I wrote on the valve…
so I was thinking to go two ways: a soft grinding of the valves in the seats or matching the right seat with a cobalt-blu powder.
On the shop manual (many thanks to this site) is written that is not allowed to grind the valves. It sounds strange to me… could anyone confirm that grinding the valves would lead to a fast consumption?
any suggestion to a perfect match valve-seat?
many thanks

First of all welcome to the forum Mako
Lapping your valves in with grinding paste is the easy solution.
The valves are more than able to stand that,in fact if they are too pitted to clean up that way you can have them reground in a machine shop with no problems
Regards Bif

ok, I’ll grind with fine compound paste…

in fact it sounded more unique than rare the “ungroundable” valves… maybe Honda wanted to sell the whole stock of spares.

many thanks again