Valve stem oil seal tool

One of my over winter jobs is to address the oil consumption on the Bol,the consensus points to a valve stem oil seal problem.
After seeing a link to a tool for doing this job in situ designed for the 500 I contacted the guy making them.
He agreed to make one to suit the 1000FF based on dimensions I supplied.
As it was a simple case of drilling another hole I asked that it also suit the FE.
This is the kit

This shows the tool installed as per the 500 but will require the removal of the rocker arm on the 1000

Once I have finished the Bol this tool will be available on loan to forum members.
Best regards Bif

Nice work Biff, and thanks for sharing the fruits of your labours - both intellectually and actually.

one question
what stopps the valve sliding down on to the piston when its compressed down ?

Nothing,best to set the piston to TDC on the cylinder you are working on
Regards Bif

Ahh 8)