vf 1000 f Front fork diagram?

Gooday all,
I’m looking for a clear pdf or diagram of exploded view of front forks.I have a dismantled set of forks that I bought with a bike in bits, with repainted sliders. Ive bought new bushes, and steering head bearings, and seals, but at this stage Im not sure what other parts I may need to rebuild the forks- for example; the damper rods have grooves on the bottom, is this for seals or what? My two manuals-Clymers and Honda are not clear enough to see, even if I enlarge the pics.
Has anyone got a decent jpeg or pdf of the forks please? I`d rather not dismantle my other set just to see how they go together… :-\

With the aid of the Forum Ive been able to use the Workshop manual pdf and enlarge the fork diagram on 15-22 . It looks like now Ill be able to identify what else I need , or am missing, and do the job. so fat it seems like a few bits are missing like the oil lock peices, but now I`m on the hunt- Xmas project building one pair of forks out of two!
Happy Christmas Forum people!

A late reply, and perhaps you’re all sorted now, but I always go to cmsnl.com for their excellent graphics. Those detailed pictures of parts have helped me out many times for a number of bikes.

Hi Insignis,
thanks mate, yeah I found one in the meantime, in the parts book, whch I enlarged- not the best, now I`ll check out the site you recommended.