VF 1000 F White-blue-red Fuel Tank WANTED

Hello Guys,

I just bought my VF 1000 F, model 1984 a few weeks ago and I could make her work again after 10 years of sleeping :slight_smile:
That’s great…and my plan is to make her nice again.

Unfortunatly the original Fuel Tank was not a part of the deal and I got only a yellow one and an other parly damaged…

I am now looking for a nice and original White-Blue-Red Fuel Tank with “Hond” and “onda” texts written on the sides.

If you guys have one to sell or you know somebody who gots one, please send me a message or mail.
Worldwide shipping is OK for me.

Thanks a lot!


Istvan :wink:

im in the exact same boat… how much you want for the yellow one? also, can i ask what you paid?


not an easy issue… :slight_smile:

So, the yellow one was on my bike mounted and “treated” from inside so it is rustproof. I will not use it, as I would definetly wait and search the original one. It is OK to sell the yellow one, but I am in Germany… Where are U living?