Vf 1000 f2 520 chain kit

Hey guys,

I purchased a vf 1000 bol d’or last week, and now i’m entertaining myself restoring it.
I have always opted for a 520 chain pon my bikes but i can’t seem to find any kit available for purchase; lots of 530’s but no 520’s.

Any of you know where to find a kit or where to source the items separately?



No kit available unfortunately.I too have swapped over to 520 pitch on the last couple of builds,these however included wheel swaps for cbr600f3 wheels,the sprockets for which are available in 520.
On my present project (F2F)I have gone for 525 as I can get sprockets to suit front and rear.
They are JT part number jtf1332-17 and jtr1332-43.
The rear also fits the cb big one sprocket carrier i’m using on the bikes wheel conversion.

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Thank you bif, much appreciated.
Does such 525 conversion involve extra spacing on the front and or rear sprocket? And if so, how should i proceed?

Nothing needed it’s a straight swap

Excellent bif, thank you.

I was able to get a genuine Honda VF1000 F2 kit. My VF had the original chain, I have only done 36000IKm on her.
The fun was getting a chain breaker and a link anval.
All I can say is they are one tough chain.
The easiest part was changing the sprockets.

Hi Ralph,a question about the Kendal VF,as you have rebuilt one,can you tell me if they doubled up on the clutch spring?