VF 1000 high comp pistons

Hi everyone my name is John and iv’e owned my 85 VF1000 since new and after sitting in storage for the past 12 years its time for a complete rebuild but I’m having trouble finding bits in Australia and was wondering if there were any manufacturers in GB that make high comp pistons , any info would be much appreciated

Cheers JD

Hi JD and welcome.
Have you tried Rocket Industries at Eastern Creek?
It might be worth a try on (02)88251900

Cheers and good luck.

Hi John,
I just spoke to one of my mates here who drag races an XY ute and he sugested a few other places you could try.
Do a search for VPW in Melbourne, Competition pistons, Summit racing, Jegs and he highly recomends Diamond Pistons which he runs.
Some of these i think may not be in Australia or do bike pistons but you may be in luck.
Good luck with it.

Thanks mate , as you would know finding VF bits in OZ isnt the easiest thing to do ,I will give the guy in Eastern Creek a call as I live in Wollongong , So I wont have to far to travel if he has what I’m after , It may take me a while to get it up and running but when I do we should try and catch up for a ride or a beer or both.

Cheers JD

Yep, Done , if you need other engine bits, msg me as i have nearly a complete engine in bits.

Try giving Gary Jobson in South Nowra a call - 4421 5033. I doubt he’d have anything there, but if it’s available he’s a good chance to know about it. He also gets VFs running very nicely. :slight_smile:

Thanks Hippo i will give him a call tomorrow

Look at Wiseko 79 mm pistons :slight_smile:
You’ll of course have to have someone take up your cylinders from 77 to 79 mm. I just had my cylinders bored to 77.5 (2nd over dimension). My mech just took the linings out of the case and did whatever he does.
The reason I didn’t go for 79ers is I didn’t take the time to find someone who could make me new oversized cylinder head gaskets.
VF1000 shares pistons with CBR1000 of the same age which gives some more options. Unfortunately the gaskets cant be used.
I kind of regret now that I didn’t go for the 79ers, but now my cans are done and I already have my new OD pistons. If I could change my mind I would spend the same money on the 79 mm upgrade!

Sorry, should of course be Wiseco, nothing else.
BTW, the 79ers aren’t available on-shelf, as far as I could find, but Wiseco seems willing to make them on order.

PS. Anyone have a complete set of rockers in good shape?

Thanks Mackan I will give Wiseco a call and keep my fingers crossed

Hi Mackan, i will checked the stripped motor i have but i think my brother said he hed the cam/rocker problem with that motor, hence motor from wreckers in it now.

Well its looking good on the piston front as Wiseco have a set in stock in Brisbane and I’m just waiting for Wiseco in the US to get back to me about oversize head gaskets , Fingers crossed

How did you go with the head gaskets?