VF 1000 quiestions

Hi all out there.
I was wondering if some one can give me the measurements of the silencers on a VF 1000 bike.
My bike has a home made exhaust system and I´m going to make new one from stainless steel and I need the diameter of the silencers and the length of them. Maybe you know of a exhaust system that is for sale for a small amount of money. I know the exhaust system is not made from stainless steel at the factory but I can built it with my own hands so I´m going to give it a try if I don´t get anything else. Is it best to build four in two or four in one?
The exhaust I have now is build to take both frond cylinders and both rear, that is wrong is in´t it? It is suppose to be both left together and both right together.[xx(]

Also I would like to know if some one has bought some spare parts from David Silver spares, he has got all the parts I need for my brakes and if you guys think it´s alright I´m going to buy it from there.[:p]

Till next time
Gunnar Már

hello jinx, not sure about your exhaust question…i have always found david silvers to be ok.

David Silver Spares are brilliant. Really helpful. They also sell a full replacement exhaust system for your VF. I think you should stick with two silencers.

Good luck

Hi once again
Do you think one of those would fit my VF 1000F Interceptor?

Thanks Gunnar Már

The VF1100 was a US model and had a quite different frame design so I’d doubt if those would fit. The VF700 system is nearer the mark but I know the VF750 had smaller diameter connector pipes, so that may also be a problem also.

Then it is probably best to build it like I was planning in the beginning.


Originally posted by scratcher

The VF1100 was a US model and had a quite different frame design so I’d doubt if those would fit. The VF700 system is nearer the mark but I know the VF750 had smaller diameter connector pipes, so that may also be a problem also.

Interestingly… Motad made silencers, listed for the VF750FD, but they are a straight, bolt-on, fit on the Vf1000FE… My own VF1000 has a pair on it now… The rest of the exhaust is OEM Honda…

Gunnar. The original exhaust takes all 4 pipes into a large “collector” box and then provides two exits for silencers. I think most folk prefer the look of the bike with 2 silencers and I, personally, think it sounds and performs better than with just one silencer…



Jinx: I can scan you a measure drawing of a Sito or MIVV aftermarket silencers. Sito is more close to the original. Aftermarket silencers were same for both VF750 F and VF1000 F. VF1100’s are different piece of cake: custom or naked, totally different bikes

That would be great dnapekko, I would be very thankful if you could sent it to me in a e-mail.
My e-mail address is gunnarmar@hotmail.com
I think I´m going to use some of my free days over the Christmas weekend to make some exhaust for my bike.
Now I have been cleaning my cooling system, it ran too hot and I think I cleaned about 1 kilo of dirt out of the radiators :frowning:
Also I have been changing wheel bearings in the front wheel and steering stem bearings.
I took my front forks apart and changed all the oil seals and put in new fluid (on one of the forks there was almost no oil).
So my next move is to take apart the rear suspension and rear wheel and change all the bearings and lubricate what needs to be lubricated.
I hope I will also be able to get someone to re paint it but now almost everything has gotten very expensive in Iceland so maybe it will be put on a hold for later.
I will tell you more when I have done something more.
Gunnar Már

Drawing sent, hope it helps. I have same kind of plans: change chains and re-lube all bearings in rear suspension. Suspension update was in mind too, but the situation of world economics may slow my plans, I work in a log house company, and the clients abroad seem to be more rare than in last years…

Thanks a lot
I have been looking at it and wondering what to do, maybe I will use my mufflers and make the rest[xx(]
I don´t know yet.

Hi all again.
One thing i´m wondering about is if I´m able to buy a universal fuel pump in my bike.
If it is possible how much pressure is the maximum it is supposed to deliver. I read in some bike stuff it had to be able to pump out 900cm2
almost one liter per minute.
But still all the pumps I´ve seen have their pressure marked but not the amount of fuel. If some one can under stand my trying to write in english and also knows the answer please tell me.

Gunnar Már

Hi Gunnar

The VF1000 fuel pump pressure is very low 6 psi, (0.414 bar or 0.422 Kg/cm). This is the pressure when the pump stops pumping. A higher pressure pump will make the fuel inlet valves in the carburettors leak and cause rich running and (possibly) fuel leaks.

The very early FE models use 6mm fuel pipes on the pump and the later models (FF onwards) use 10mm fuel pipes, stepping down to 8mm for the carburettor connections…

Hope that helps


Thanks for this Miti-Babe, I found myself a pump on ebay it pumps 2-4 psi so that would be okay I think so I´m going to try this.
Just buy universal pump and hope it will be okay.
Gunnar Már