VF 1000 R Rookie says hello!

“Moin”, that´s how we say here in northern germany.

After looking for several months to find a decent VF 1000 r I finally found one in the netherlands in the beginning of june. It is a european direct sales RF. Then it took quite a long time to get it registered in germany since Honda needed nearly 8 weeks to deliver the ( mandatory) technical infomation sheet.
As well some technical modifications had to be made but now I finally have it on the road.
I´m hoping to get some technical advice here in case problems should occur.
Best Wishes


Welcome Joe,that’s a fine looking example of an RF you have there.

Hi Joe,

here you have some experts of the older V4 from Honda.

Bif, do It get some bonus, if I bring some more people in? :innocent:


I promise to visit you next time I am in Germany with PAJ if that counts :blush: