Vf 1000f collector box

Hi as a follow up to my post re the odd clutch cover,another mystery is the collector box,totaly unlike the origonal,and looks to have been proffessionally made any ideas?20201116_17183620201116_171807

Looks to have been made. Professionally? Not so much. The flow for the rear cylinders is… interesting.

Home Brew Special.

If anyone comes up with a good replacement for the collector box they may get a few takers. I have pulled about 10 various size pieces of perforated steel from mine and there are a few more in there just rattling around that won’t come out.

I’ve got a collector that could be repaired. It’s rotted from the inside, so may be patchable if somebody’s a half decent welder.

CMSNL have a new one available, but it’s about €600. Reassuringly expensive…

I’ve got a 1000FE collector box in useable condition if any needs one

The flow from the rear cylinders might work, although you might suffer with excessive back pressure, which, with my fabricated set up hindered the high revs. I added extra pipe for more flow distance, and, it works fine.