VF exhaust theory and data

Hi guys, have read the stainless collector thread with interest and they look great and not trying to take anything away from that great work.
Has anyone a clear understanding of just how an optimal exhaust for a VF should be built considering their unique “big bang” firing order/interval?, preferably with some real on road or dyno experience to share.
I`m back to this forum after a couple of years, good to see it still going strong![:)]

Hi Greg

An old mate did some work for HRC Australia back around the time they ran the V4’s as Superbikes, I will ask him and also ask if it would be OK to contact another who was involved, not promising anything, also remember that any work they did would be concentrated on at least 7K plus RPM’s.

As I recall the factory bike they had was the RS860 ? based on the VF750.

At best I think I will get general principles.