VF fan motor alternatives?

Hi all,

Does anybody know if there might be alternative fan motors (or complete fans) that fit a VF1000F?

I have some spare motors.

All the motors I encountered have cracks in the wiring right next to the motor housing. (or are prohibitively expensive)
The idea was to find a newer alternative, so I can mount shiny new fans instead of reusing.
I’m doing a from-the-ground-up restomod of a VF1000F, which means that I’d like to have the cooling system in top-notch condition, like the rest of the bike.

Where are you located? (I’m from Belgium)

I’m in the UK. Let me know if your interested.

I’m really sorry for the late followup on this, but I decided to use two Spal 4" puller fans and will build a fiberglass fan shroud. Thank you for the offer though!