VF Paint Codes

Hi guys have tried searching for the paint codes for the silver and blue paint used on the VF without much luck, does anyone know what they are, and is the silver for frame the same code? Much appreciated. Wayne

At least 1984 F :s frame colour is Pleides silver metallic (NH-104M-U) according to the parts fiche.
Motorera.com tells us, that blue and red are Candy Aleutian Blue (PB-127 C-U) and Candy Bourgogne Red (R-107 C-U), white was Shasta White (NH-138)

Thanks mate, I did find the frame number for paint but couldn’t get the blue, should the other colour on fairing not be a silver as well? Cheers Wayne

Now some F owner should come in with advises, I know more about F2:s only.

Should have said as well its a 1986 Vf FF model. Thanks again

hi all,

does anyone know the paint codes for the red/black vf1000fe?, any help will be greatly appreciated

Hi I found the Code on a sticker on the rear Mudguard under the seat. One Code is for both colours. If you can not find the Code I will have a look and post it on here. The red Paint is two Colours with a base coat and top coat with clear Lacquer on top of that if my memory serves me right. :slight_smile:

hi tony,
i don’t have the rear mud guard as the plastics and tank was bought separately off ebay, if you could post the actual code it may point me in the right direction, thanks for the input.


Hi Pete
Its candy Alamoana Red, go to www.rsbikepaint.com and just type in your bike details, I will be ordering some paint from them at some point myself but not all of it because I don’t like some of the paint they supply.


hi phil,
thanks for the info, will the candy paint be hard to spray??.
my plans are to flat off the red and black area’s of the tank and fade the new paint out just before the decal, then re lacquer the whole tank, im pretty sure i can get the black to fade in right but will the candy be difficult to get an even colour?.. i really want to save the decals if possible, i dont fancy having to lash out £120 on another set, it broke my heart when i had to buy them for the black and silver fe. :-[

the red uses a silver base coat then you build it up layer by layer over the silver.
but you should do some test cards before
card 1 one coat
card 2 2 coats
card 3 3 coats

remember it gets darker the more coats you use

have fun :wink:

hi windy,
thanks for the advice, sounds to me like this spraying candy colours is going to be rather testing. ??? :o ::slight_smile:

Not sure if this is too late but here goes. The Paint Code on the Bike is R-124C-U The paint I have does not have a Colour name other than Red, it does have Paint Reference Number’s which are RE64304TM and RE64304GC. not sure which one is the Base or Top Coat. though. Hope this helps.

hi tony,
thanks for the info, i haven’t ordered any paint as yet so the reference numbers will come in handy.