Vf1000 84 Engine rebuild

Cases, cleaned and ready to paint, the crank is getting a regrind and new bearings, bore hone and new set of rings, hopefully ready for summer in OZ thanks to some advice from VF membersIMG20190825175154


G’day mate, didn’t know you could get undersized bearings. Can you tell us more about that?

The mains I had were B size so I went to an A size which are slightly thicker ,available from cmnsl, the big end bearings suit a fiat 127 ,slight hone out in the rod and go up to 0.60th undersize, thanks to a tip from bif on that one, cheers Tony

A Fiat 127 of all things, good to know thanks.

Yeah pretty random

Wasn’t there some commonality with some from a Jag too? Or am I imagining it?

I had coolant temp sensors from a Punto in my Ducati, and timing belts from a Megane.

Hi, yeah not sure on that but if you spend the time looking about there are options to keep the old girls on the road, which is great

Hi all, finally have the motor back together after the rebuild, and today was maiden start up, a bit of choke and boom away she went, sounding real good with no rattles or strange noises, pretty happy :blush:IMG20200309163452


Great work,good to see the old girl heading back to the road

Back on the road now, done about 100klms, all seems ok, few little teathing probs but very happy with the outcome. May have to upgrade the suspension, 60 yr old bones doesn’t like 80’s suspension too much, Lol20200815_160643 20200815_160531 20200815_160347 20200815_160429


The bikes a real credit to you Tony,you’ve done a first class job there

Top job tony, inspiration for me to drag one of my projects out and start

Again, top job Tony, you should be proud.

Put rego on mine Friday and I have done 130kms with no trouble (historic not the ones on it). Comments at the coffee shop were ‘leave it as it is’. I will get some fresh paint eventually and use the new decals.
PS: I know what you mean about 60yo bones.
IMG_0642 IMG_0641 IMG_0640 IMG_0639 IMG_0638

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A great job , looks fantastic, get the Painted bits back soon for mine, hope its half as good as yours

Tony ( Qld )

Thanks guys, been a great journey, looking forward to some better weather now to get out there. Your bike looks in pretty good nick jeffo apart from the red/fade