VF1000 A999CNP

Hi, I was fortunate to own a VF1000 (A999CNP) in the mid 90’s. Looking back on a biking career that started in 1978 (with an SS50) it was far and away the best bike I ever owned.

I remember taking it out an a cold November morning and running it up through the gears until I ran out of revs in top gear, glanced at the speedo (offset to the left) and thought OMG that was effortless - better slow down!

Taking advantage of the DVLA vehicle checker I looked and saw that A999CNP is listed as SORN, so its still ‘alive’. Just wondered if t was owned by anyone in the ‘group’.

My wife remembers the big Honda and doesn’t seem averse to me sourcing another in the future, here’s hoping.


Its just a shame DVLA wont give the owner details,chances are its in the back of someones garage totaly forgotten about
regards Bif
ps it’s not in my garage

0r mine, great plate.