VF1000 Bol D'or Cam issues

Hi Guys…Obviously i’m new here, but not new to VF series bikes, now owning 3 of them.

Recently picked up a very tidy Bol D’or which needs light restoration, but on starting it up it has the dreaded cam noises. Obviously i didn’t let it run, but had to find out where the problems were.

I’m based in the uk, and am very aware this is a common problem a few of us have faced at various times.

What is the best way to deal with this? I’ve not had a deeper look yet, but plan to get the cam covers off this weekend and have a more in depth look.

My understanding is it’s usually (but not exclusively) the rear exhaust cam to cause the issue.

Advice much welcomed and appreciated.


Hi atassiedevil, have a close look first. Noise may come from the tappets, the cam chains (it’s the case on mine) and too large a play on the valve adjusters.

hi tassi,
i dont think the cam problem is as common as people think (or as common as the motorcycling press would have you believe), especially in the later model vf1000ff and f2f bol’s, i think as fred says, best to have the cam covers off and have a look, it may just be that the tappets need re-setting, could even be a faulty cam chain tensioner,.

i know years ago when the cams went on my early model 1000fe after a fast run down the M1, which i can blame on some previous muppet leaving a 2 inch piece of hack saw blade in the sump which got sucked up into the oil strainer, It wasn’t a nice little tic tic tic… or a tap tap tap… it was bang bang bang bang, you would have thought the pistons were coming out of the heads,


Reassuring to hear, i’ll take a look and report back.
If it’s that easy, i’ve got myself and AWFUL lot of bike, for not much money.
Looking forward to getting her on the road.