Vf1000 camshaft timing

Hi have decided to change the camshafts on my 84 vf1000 ,installed the front cams set the timing marks,the front camwheel mark is flush with top of the head but the inlet camwheel is about a mm out ,if you move the sprocket on the chain by one tooth it puts the mark way out any ideas on this and is it normal,have turned it over and all is fine,so went to the rear cylinders to replace the exhaust cam,as at some time the inlet must have been replaced as is perfect,but found that whoever worked on the motor has rounded the cam cap[ long through bolt,so not sure i can remove it,any ideas on that one.the exhast cam has slight pitting. any help would be most welcome
many thanks.

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HI Dave,
in my experience it’s normal for the cams to not quite match the marks. The next time I work on the heads I will be slotting out the bolt holes of the cam sprockets so I can line them up accurately. I know that lots of other VF owners have done the same.
Re camshaft pitting, if you have an alternative camshaft I’d be fitting it now, the last thing you want is for it to start breaking up and stuff the motor gradually. Is the head of the cam cap bolt rounded off? There are lots of different techniques to remove bodged bolts, including belting a smaller size socket on so that it grips. You tube is your friend!
Best of luck


Thanks Greg