Vf1000 carbs

OK this is going to take some explaining and I should no the answer but have forgot in my old age. I have removed the carbs on my 85 fe and have cleaned them in a large sonic tank just removed floats, jets, slides and choke slides and put them in complete. Is it an inherent fault that the 2 right side carbs are only attached to the left carbs by the fuel transfer pipes as mine move around loads and keep dropping the springs on the balance adjusters for the butterflies do I have to attach the air filter adaptor plate before installing them, any help please, as my dementia is getting worse lol

Hi Paul,I would fit the carbs to the alloy section of the air box first,it’s easier to have all the pipes and springs in place when you can approach the carbs from all angles.
They are still a bitch to fit though so keep your heat gun handy
Regards Bif

Cheers bif, thought I was having a senile moment, hopefully it will be up and running tomorrow, hope everyone as a great and happy Xmas and a happy new year

Ive had my carbs off so many times I now consider myself a kind of carb God
They must be screwd to the plate first and then fit all clips very loosely if you can.( I found it easier if only the bottom clips are in place but its harder to get the top clips on this way )
then push in the front two in and with a blunt screwdriver like instrument , slide
the rubbers arround the back carbs while pushing downward force on the back two carbs left then right then left.
I can get my carbs off in 15 minutes and the same back on.
obviously off with the tank and air box and stuf rag in the carb mouths when done
have a 10 minute cup of tea break before rebuild and thottle cables good luck 8) :slight_smile: ;D >:( :frowning: :o ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :’(