VF1000 Engine into VF750F Frame

Have an mint 84 VF750 with a blown engine and an 84 VF1000F with a damaged front end. I’d like to swap the 1000 into the 750 frame - will it work? I’m also thinking of just swapping the front ends.

Hi…I had a vf1000f, blew the motor and stuck a 750 into it,without any problems that I recall (was 12 years ago!), AND on the same bike I put the front end off a cbx750 into it as mine was rather banana shaped c/o Mr Plod in his nice Volvo!..so I’d say either way you want to play it, it’ll go

Thanks, just what I needed to know. Now the hard work begins !!

Yup. As for the forks, I fitted a set of VF750 forks including wheel and brakes into my 85 1000FF and they went straight in too.