VF1000 Engine Parts Needed

Hi all,
I’ve taken the engine apart to rebuild to go in a VF750 and found I need the following parts at least so far.
Crank and shell’s (whatever is available)
2nd gear (surprise surprise)
Front inlet cam
Piston rings (possibly)

Any body got anything?

Hi Julian,I should be able help with a crank,shells are a maybe too,can you let me know the the four letters on the rear of the crankcase and I will try to match some up.
As for second gear,I would swap the whole box.
The later F box uses an upgraded output shaft,the E shaft is a 750 part.
This is the item number for a box on EBay.de 292750700820 a snip at under £30.
Piston rings are available from Adrian at IDM pistons £110 a set of 4.
Regards Bif

Hi Bif,
Thanks for that.
I’ll let you know tomorrow what the crank size letters are.

Hi Bif,
The crankcase letters are ABAB.

I will be in the store this weekend and will let you know what I have asap
regards Bif