VF1000 F2F Bol D'or for sale

Looks like my lovely Bol D’or may have to go to make room for purchase of R model. Just no room for both. It’s 1996 model in metallic red with under 20k on the clock. All standard except for laser end cans. I can email pictures images if any interest out there. Not too sure how much to ask for it, as can’t find any for sale to compare too? A rusty, non-runner made £600 on ebay just before Christmas! Let em know if you would like any more info and would be only too pleased to help. Must stress I would like it to go to a good home!/RS/Bikes/VF/The boys!/X11:VF2.jpg

Hi smudge

I know it has been a while ago since you have posted this. I’m may be interested in your bike so if you could mails som pictures of your bike it would be nice.