VF1000 FE / F2F frame dimensions


I read a lot of the differences between the FE / F2F models.
If I understood right, there are dimensional differences of the cylinder heads.

The reason why I am interested in this issue is, that I wanted to try to fit a RC36/1 engine in a RC15 frame.
Long story short - it won´t fit.
The RC36/1 has larger cylinder heads and the rear cylinder won´t fit into the frame.

No I wonder if it would be possible with a VF1000 frame (and with which one).

Could anyone help me with some measurements?
Thanks a lot for your support…


Maße Rahmen VF1000

Hi there,
nobody who can help me with two little measures?
Just put the seat away and measure the two frame dimensions I need from the 1000F2F

Thanks a lot for your support!


F2 has a wider (approx 25mm) frame at the rear cylinder head area as shown in your pic, I am just fitting an F2 engine into an SC15 (VF750) frame. I had to cut the left top frame rail out of the F2F chassis and weld it into the SC chassis to allow fitting!! B is the same, A is hard to measure with the head in the way but 275-280mm. The F2 engine will fit in an FE chassis, just though.IMG_20200717_121240|375x500

Hi Taz,

thanks a lot for your help.
It seems to fit, the rear cylinder head of my RC36 engine is 260mm wide.
Unfortunately it is strictly forbidden to weld the frame in germany…
Now I am looking for a F2 frame.

If I get one, I will show pictures.


Not telling anyone here! :+1: :+1: