vf1000 fe

Just a little note guys, dont go completely smooth as a little roughness creates a little turbulance which helps attomise the fuel.

A nice little piece of useless information i hear you say.

Go Hard or go home.


Wow! That really is taking shape Pete, when do you look like having her back on the road?

hi tony, it will be back on the road for april at the latest, have put the front pipes and collector on since my last post, put the silencers and tank on temporary so i could get it started up and check for any oil/water leaks,
progress has slowed considerably as its too cold to spray anything, weve got about 2 inch of snow down and blizzard conditions forcast for next few days, the garage is freezing too making it hard to motivate yourself.

Pete, you sound really under the thumb mate. I`m doing my sparaying at the moment in the kitchen. Lovely and warm and getting an excellent finish.
OK - the toasts a bit red in places but well worth it [:I]


martin, thats what i like to here, dedication to the cause, unfortunately the 2 pack paint im using takes a long time to clear, sets in your lungs then kills you, you’ll be ok with celloluse and rattle cans though, they are quite healthy, all the kids on our estate are on those or lighter fuel,

finally finished, taxed tested and on the road again… had a few set backs which has held things up, but ready to put a few miles on the clock and iron out any teething problems that’s sure to arise…

Wow! That looks beautiful Pete, first class work! I can only hope mine could end up half as good.

cheers tony, yep im pretty happy with the end results… [:D]

Sweeeeeeeeeeet ! Looks bloody marvelous !

Great Work Pete, bike looks really sweet, if you get a chance send me some hi res fotos of it and I will apply some photoshop magic, would be good to see it next to my black and silver one.



I see you moved the serial number badge
Now its not original spec [:D]

I’m not 100% sure, I think its there because its UK spec, Grey imports seem to have the plate further up the cradle like mine.

my plates just above the right cylinder head.
thought it was normal Uk spec

hi windy, yes the bike is far from being original spec, the cut down rear mud guard, top end oiler, fan switch and soon to be re-fitted scotoiler puts paid to that

i had noticed that there seems to be two positions for the vin plate on vf’s, mines gone back in the same place as its always been… ive only known the history/origin of a couple of vf’s, 1 import, which had plate near radiator and one uk bike which had plate near rear brake lever so you may be correct on that phil.

thanks paj, my internet is having a few issues at the moment, will send some full size pics as soon as i can get into my email account.

Just read your story, what a great job you’ve done! You must be well pleased with the end result[:D]

Very nice indeed[8D]

thanks will, and good luck with your new vf

decided to add a little bling to the vf in the shape of 2 shiny Delcevic end cans, i can now go riding without my ears bleeding…[:)]

Is that a stock paint color? If yes, where was that color offered, what model etc? It is really growing on me.

yes, its a stock colour for UK and Europe bikes, may be other countries too

well, the time finally came to change the tyre’s, they hadn’t completely worn out, just gone hard with old age.
I was surprised to find a reasonable selection of tyres on offer for the fe, decided on the pirelli sport demons in the correct sizes and profile’s.
Anyway, ive done about 100 miles on them, they are not fully scrubbed in to the edges yet, but ive got to say they have completely transformed the handling of the bike, the twitchy front end has completely gone, the whole ride is just that much smoother. coupled with the FF springs i fitted into the forks a while back, i dont think the bike has ever handled as well.