VF1000 FF Cam Marks

I am at final steps of renovating my '86 VF1000FF and found that ‘Cam Marks’ on my bike are;

  • EXF6 / INF6 for front cyclinders (2&4)
  • EXR6 / INR6 for rear cyclinders (1&3)
    these marks are different than the marks that are written in any of VF1000 shop manuals.

Can some one shed light on, which bike my ‘cams’ came from?

Hi, they are from a vf1000… those Mark’s are cast into the shaft of the cam, the Mark’s referred to in the manual are , IF EF IR and ER, these are located where the cam sprocket bolts onto the cam…

Hi, thanks for very valuable information.
Can you also shed light on the R1 & R2 marks on the cam shafts 180degree from the other marks.
Thanks & Regards

R1 = 1.st edition
R2= second edition.

The first one needed improvement (to soft metal, pittings on the surface) and Honda made a second edition to solve this problem.