VF1000 forks.

Does anyone know the air gap when refilling fork oil in '95 VF1000f ? Manual only gives quantity.

Hi Yorky,the only VF that lists an air gap is the R which is 200mm.
Regards Bif

VF1000f manual says the air gap is 230mm or 9 inches. just done the bol . Hope its the same

Time to rebuild 3 sets of Forks.
The Electric Impact Gun gets those pesky bottom Hex Bolts out in 0.3 seconds;

The innards seem’d good on 2 sets, just a little dirty;

Cleaning out Red Locktight is so much fun;

Wash up, Mask up Tubes, Sand Blast Tubes, Mask again, paint, unmask and assemble with new seals;

There is my Seal driver,… an ABS black plastic coupler ($0.89, I know, I over paid).

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