VF1000 R rare collection on ebay

If you haven’t seen this already there is a complete collection of VF1000R’s - RE/RF/RG for sale in Italy on eBay! Surely the rarest VF1K eBay auction we will ever see. Any guesses at the value?

Here’s a link to the translated eBay page:


Me want, me wants…

Sorry - it’s the voices again!

But seriously, if I had some spare cash…


I see they didn’t reach his reserve - even with todays deflated prices they must be worth £2-3K each with the RG being just about priceless, only downside is that they are Italian spec…

You can see this guys full collection of bikes here http://www.motodaltritempi.it there is a page dedicated to the 1000R’s with some nice pics/downloads.