VF1000 rebuild options

I have a question for the group. Regarding the VF series of Honda motors, as they rack up miles and wear out…what are the options for rebuilding? I believe they have cast in cylinder liners…is over boring an option? Are there oversized pistons and rings available? I don’t see anything online…once worn out are these motors serviceable? Asking because I’m considering the purchase of an 84 1000F and this question came to mind. Thanks.

Hi there I have known these engines to do 80.000 miles plus but like any engine it depends on how well it as been looked after, if the bike you are considering buying as a nice quiet engine and does not smoke then it should do many miles more, the one thing I would do is remove the sump and clean the oil strainer as many years of sludge and minute debris clogs the filter, bottom ends are solid and rarely play up pistons are hard to get but std rings exist, there main downfall was cams pitting but if she runs quiet when hot then they will be OK, hope this helps

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Not really an option. I suppose it could be done but lots of parts are NLA. CMSNL and David Silver have about the best selection but they don’t have everything and they can be horribly expensive. Ebay turns up NOS from time to time, but a full on rebuild would be a daunting task. Second hand, you can get most stuff from Ebay but quality obviously varies. . However, as pointed out these bikes are ancient now and how many miles are you actually going to do on something that old? I have a really nice VF500 I ride but my annual mileage is low and the heavy lifting is done using modern stuff.

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The cylinder liners are removable, once the engine is stripped down to the cases, a bolt on the top of the liner has to be removed, then the liner can be knocked through from the underside.
The liner has a couple of O rings for sealing, you may have trouble sourcing those.