vf1000 rebuild

Hi just thought I would put a pic up of my vf1000 on its rebuild hope to be done by end of march but this is assuming it starts and runs I bloody hope it does as this is the second rebuild after person who coated the frame bent it so decided to powder coat all my own stuff now, it appears to be ok even if I do say so myself hope to make the trip to Hulme but will depend on how many evenings work I put into it and I am also looking for a company to vinyl wrap the tank and plastics in Honda Britain racing colours if anyone knows of some one who can do it please let me know

hi paul,
the vf is looking good, i like the look of the gold cam covers and fork legs, still looks like there’s plenty to left to do though…
How are you getting on with the powder coating kit, is it easy to use ?

I was reading through “The Image Works” web site a few days ago and noticed a few pics of race replica bikes that were quoted as being full vinyl wrap, It maybe worth sending them an email.

Hi Pete yep the powder coating is surprisingly easy, I bought the electro static magic kit, a second hand oven, and some gold, silver, black, and chrome effect powder. the trick is to clean the parts without using any paint strippers or chemicals to remove the paint either a wire wheel or shot blasting it goes on very easy and takes 10 mins in the oven and its done. The forks took me 25 mins each including masking, powder coating and baking. The bike as been kicking and screaming all the way every time I go to do something it is either been bodged before or as been repaired incorrectly by a so called mechanic but I have stripped every bolt on this bike, the compressions are now good due to lack of valve clearance by bike shop so relapped all the valves, carbs have been sonic cleaned, oiler kit fitted, crookys collector box is on, it is now only a matter of cleaning and coating but there is a lot of it am praying to get her finished in time for Hulme meet but it could go either way it would be nice to thank everyone for their help over the past months regards Paul

Time is always an issue, especially when your trying to get summit done that every corner you turn there something else. Know the feeling.

Bitten the bullet now and put mine back together. Still some jobs to do, but at least i can ride the beggar.

HI evansive is there any pics of your bike back together might encourage me to get on with it, now fitted handle bars and switches, connected throttle and powder coated the levers and front fairing bracket am also doing petes trick with the tank 2 kg of sodium bicarbonate and electrolysis seems to be shifting the rust I have three tanks but they are all well and truly rusty and I also have a really good early front end with 16 inch wheel if anyone wants it free to good home polished lower and sliders are in good condition and new seals fitted by previous owner I need the space 3 vf s stripped to bits takes up loads of room

Yep, see this thread…


Just got this project running;

Now to do a Bolt Audit, since it took me 3 years, I can’t rember what bolts are Tight, or Finger Tight.