VF1000 still worth buying or "too hot to handle"?

HI there from Germany,

I am thinking about getting a VF1000F (March 1986). This ought to be a Bol D’or version, right? An F2 so to say.
It is the red version and looks great. Problem is, it has not been running for ages. The seller cannot tell me when it ran for the last time and also does not know, if she suffers fron choclate camshafts.

I restored an 750 Four, a GPZ 900 Ninja and an FJ1100 so far. Is it worth trying or will the VF be penny grave?

Also I read about serious overheating issues. Can you confirm?

Any tips for me in general? At what milage would you say: keep away from it?


How did you go, did you buy the F2?

Well, since there were no answers here I could not decide whether to buy it or not.

Right now I have two offers for about the same price:

Vf1000 F2 Boldor, no papers (Dutch model), Original condition, 40 tkm, very rusty fuel tank, leaking forks. No running for several years. 1987

Vf750f, 75 tkm, no original paint, rare fairing, running and on the road right now. Papers. 1985

Any ideas?

Take none of them. It will be hard to get papers for the dutch (Headlight has no “E” number → change) …

Repainted indicates some accident before …

If you buy cheap, you have to pay more on the long run …

Which region are you from?


P.S.: If you paste links to the offers it is easier to judge :wink: