VF1000F 'B' crank bearings wanted

Hi guys. I am able to get all of my engine bearings for the rebuild apart from 2 pairs of crankshaft bearings ‘B’ (green) part 13314-MB6-003
Can anyone help please? Have tried in Oz, Partzilla, David Silver and CMSNL

Rob, Biff and Pete will have the definitive answer on this later but I am reliably informed that mixing the colours i.e. use brown if you cant get green shells doesn’t cause problems and was only used at Honda from new to be an ultra perfect fit.


hi martin,
to be honest i only change bearings if it is absolutly neccessary these days, due to the lack of specific bearings the days of just pulling these engins appart and changing all the bearings as a matter of course have long gone, i prefur to do a visual check and plastigauge check for the oil clearance, if the bearings are well within spec i reuse them in there original location, any that arnt within spec or look like the cooper is coming through will be changed as a pair… As yet i have not had to use a “wrong” sized bearing but i know that others have done without issue.
the difference between bearing sizes is miniscule, the oil clearence service limit is 0.080mm which is 6 times greater than the difference between the smallest and largest bearing sizes 0.012, so even if you fit the next size down bearing you will be still well within spec… just my thoughts

anyway rob, good luck with your search for the green bearings.

Thanks guys. Unfortunately the original shells are toast so I need to replace them all. I find it peculiar that the crankshaft bearing table that Crank B bearings can be used on A and B housings and 1 and 2 journals. Does this mean they relax into the A housing to cater for the 2 crank journal and squash into the B housing to accept the 1 journal (or something along those lines)?
Anyway, if I can’t get the B bearings I’m thinking that the C (yellow) bearings would be the best option as they are slightly thinner. Is that the correct thinking or should I be looking at the A (brown?) bearings?