vf1000f clank noise

My vf1000f '87 make a clanking noise in front cylinders between 2500-5000rpm. I think that comes from the camchain.I take out the tensioner,and that work well, i put it back, but that noise it still there.
Please help me!
sorry for my english

In English at least a “clanking” noise from front cylinders sounds quite serious, but the fact that it happens only between 2500-5000 rpm is more hopeful. Fact is I don’t think that it’s possible to diagnose anything from an email description of a problem in wahtever language, you need to listen to noise with your head close to engine and try to locate the source, then open her up and look. Sorry to be of little help maybe others can make suggestions, but the fact is you need to investigate the easiest and cheapest possible problems first - I’d suggest once your sure it’s internal (is oil ok, ie not emulsified with coolant ? ) and not a misfire or a lose bracket or something then take off the rocker covers and check gaps etc.
How many miles has she done ? How well has she been cared for serviced ? If she’s not done ridiculously high mileage and has been well cared for then it’s a fairly safe bet it’s not a fatal problem.
Is she down on power or does she run/ride fine above 5K rpm ?
Good luck, you’ve just gotta get stuck in there I’m afraid.

VF1000FE & ZX7R

Thank you for suggestion, i know it’s not possibile to diagnose from an
email but i cant sleep if my VF is broken. I hope somebody have some experience with this, or this it a common problem for vf. I bought it in 02/04/2006 with 30000km and now it’s at 42000km, the power it’s ok, and runs well. After i chage the oil (repsol moto sintetico 10W40) and drived 10 km i heard that noise
I took of the engine and open it and i hope to find the problem