VF1000F engine rebuild (crank bearings & M-2,3 gear)

Hi guys,

Not posted for a while. I’ve been waiting for work to start on my VF1000F engine. It was going to be just a top end rebuild (and I located some parts for that back in the summer) but it has now escalated to a full engine rebuild. Yikes!

I bought this bike back in 2012 (without riding it!) which turns out to have been be a mistake as the engine was not in as good condition as I was lead to believe. Anyway, what’s done is done as they say, and I’m well along the process of getting it sorted. Now I’ve started I want to finish.

So, I have a local specialist helping me to sort the engine and whilst it’s all apart we plan to replace anything which looks worth replacing as we rebuild it. I have found a number of the parts via the usual channels like David Silver, etc but I am drawing a blank with two things in particular.

[ul][li]Firstly: the M-2,3 (19/22T) gear (Honda ref 23431-MB6-000)

[ul][li]Secondly: main crank bearings type ‘A’ (Honda ref 13313-MB6-003) and I need x 6 of those.

Does anybody have any suggestions on where I can find any NOS parts? As I say I’ve tried David Silver and CMS in Holland and David Silver have tried looking elswhere too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

One other question on the gear M-2,3 (19/22T) that I need - does anybody know if they are the same as on VF1000R? Someone has suggested to me that they are are but the VF1000R part reference is different (as you would expect I guess) and I have no way of checking this out.

I have also looked into getting the gear made (by Nova Racing) but the cost for one-off makes of gears is pretty fruity as you’d imagine. They suggested that if a batch were made then the cost would be a lot more reasonable but it would need around 5 people to make that work. Does anyone have any interest in being part of a batch?

Many thanks in anticipation of help and suggestions from anyone.



Hi Jon.
finding gearbox parts is a nightmare, mine was a problem with 4th gear.
I bought a gearbox from Ebay and built a good one from two, gearbox bearings are all available but can take an age to come even though they are common on newer models.
found micksbikeparts.com and motorcycleparts online.eu pretty good if you have the part number.
Be careful which workshop manual you use as the clymer manual has a few errors in it, the big one is the cam timing, try and get a genuine one or download the one on this website.
As for the main bearingsite try searching for that part number online you might get lucky with new old stock, I was lucky enough to find new cam followers that way.

its a nice feeling when it fires up for the first time after rebuilding it…

Good luck.


…thanks for the advice Phil. Much appreciated. I do hope I can find the parts somewhere.

Freddie,there are 5 13313-MB6-003 on eBay,item no.191738354428
As for the gearbox,the FE used the same main shaft as the 750 and did have problems with the gear you are looking for.It is in fact the same as the RE gearbox but can be swapped for the later stronger FF/2 RF/G gearbox as long as you swap the whole thing.
Regards Bif

Thanks for the information Bif, much appreciated. Sorry for slow reply, been offline for a couple of days.

So does that mean all the parts on the VF1000RE gearbox are the same as the VF1000F? In other words the individual gears gears are interchangeable?



RE and FE boxes the same,the gears are identical only the selector drum is different
Regards Bif

…thanks again Bif, that’s v useful info.



Hi guys,

I’m still struggling with finding the replacement M2,3 gear for my VF1000. I took Bif’s advice and looked for a 1000RE part ref too, but so far no luck. It seems like they are very hard to track down whether for an F or an R.

The part refs I’m looking for are either 23431-MB6-000 or 23431-MJ4-670 as NOS parts.

Otherwise I would interested in a used parts that are in good condition if anyone knows of any from either the F or the RE? I guess I may have to buy a complete used gearbox with a good M2,3 gear in it and strip it out? Any help or suggestions on that would again be gratefully received.

Bif also suggested swapping the whole gearbox with an FF/2 RF/G one, but I have already had the guy working on my engine strip the mine, refinished it and bought a replacement M4 gear and all the bearings, so I’m hoping still to find just the right M2,3 gear so we can finish what we started, even if that means making one good box from 2 used ones.

Again, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



hello, just curious if you have had any luck finding parts for this rebuild?
I have an 84 vf1000 with an electrical problem, but sound mechanical parts.