VF1000F for spares

Bought this a while ago for spares for the F2, but don’t think I’m going to use any of it now. Comes with tank (blue and silver), but no plastics, silencers, carbs, seat etc. No V5. Engine turns from back wheel, but apart from a tippexed note suggesting the tappets were done in 1994, no idea of the internal condition of the engine.
Looking at the people breaking these on Ebay, where ebey nut is worth a fiver, got to be a useful source of bits for someone at £175, buyer to collect from Bow, East London modernsales0002 modernsales0005 modernsales0001

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Do you gave rear air shock cable and Air box,.?

The shock cable is probably still on it, the airbox and carbs are missing

So would you sell the Cable separate,.?

Yes, if it’s there and OK - I believe they seize up. It’s on Ebay at the moment, if it doesn’t go when the auction finishes Sunday, I’ll see if the cable is OK Monday. I’ve got to get it out of the current storage within the next few weeks, so it’ll likely get scrapped as there’s no interest apart from yours.

so you have the Air box ? Pete.

I still haven’t got an airbox.

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Have you still got the handlebars and front brake lever, if so how how would you want ? Thanks
I could collect them on Friday 28th May, in fact how much would you want for the hole bike ?

I’d like £175 ovno for the whole thing, including the petrol tank that’s not shown - it needs to go ASAP, and I don’t really want to break it up, because it then becomes hard to move, and doesn’t solve the storage problem.
I look at the people breaking them on Ebay, and each little bit is at least a fiver, so there must be a few quid left in this if you have time and space.

OK, it didn’t sell again. If you are interested and can collect Friday, then let’s do a deal (within reason!)

Okay, I can definitely pick up Friday, I’m only really interested in the handlebars and front brake lever, things like the tank and wheels etc won’t fit my 84 FE but would have hole bike and take a gamble on the engine. I won’t haggle or any of that nonsense, just give the lowest price you’ll take for me to come and collect it and give you a straight yes or no answer back. Thanks

How about 150? It owes me more than that, but it needs to be gone.

Okay thank you but it’s a no, thanks again.

Last chance - £100 collect Friday.

Okay, I’ll get to you around 4ish on Friday, I’ll message you when on the way for the address. See you Friday

Earlier (much earlier) would be better - the traffic is going to be poor at that time of day. Address is Thames Water Depot, Wick Lane, London E3 2NA. 07980362759

Sorry it can’t be earlier, I can’t set out till 10 and I’m coming from Wolverhampton and have 2 stops before I get to you, I’ll message you when I have a definite ETA but no problem if you can’t meet up,

No, we’ll do it, just warning you that traffic is going to be bad getting out again.

On my way let you now an ETA when closer :+1:

Fine - I’m about half an hour from the depot, just give me that much notice to get there.